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A pet’s life begins with love and awe,

so should it end with compassion and grace.

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In your own home

Private Pet Passing provides the special service of pet euthanasia in the privacy of one’s home. Dr. Kristin Lindquist believes many pet owners would prefer to have their pet’s final moments be at home where family can be by their side and everything is familiar. In-home euthanasia can be one of the greatest final gifts we give to our pets.

In-Home Euthanasia in Minnesota

Dr. Kristin offers in-home euthanasia for residents of the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area and greater Minnesota by appointment. Learn more about this special service as well as what to expect during the process.

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The Process

Making the decision out of love for your pet when their quality of life is minimal at best is extremely anguishing. Trying to be an "objective" decision maker is not easy. The burden can be eased with being informed of the process of euthanasia.

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Dr. Lindquist provides in-home euthanasia with online scheduling in the Minneapolis / St Paul metro area and greater Minnesota by appointment.