The Process

Here’s what to expect

Dr. Kristin will first administer a combination of a sedative and pain medication just underneath the skin of the pet. Once the pet is heavily sedated (usually takes 5 to 10 minutes), a catheter is then placed in the pet’s front leg vein. The purpose of placing a catheter is two-fold. First, the euthanasia solution is painful if administered outside of the vein and secondly, the catheter ensures clean access to the vein.

When the family is ready, Dr. Kristin then administers the euthanasia solution into the catheter. The euthanasia drug is a concentrated barbiturate solution. The first effect of the euthanasia solution is complete loss of consciousness; within several seconds, the rest of the body’s functions will gently slow down and stop.

After Dr. Kristin has verified the pet has passed with her stethoscope, the family may choose to spend more time with their pet. If the family has elected private or communal cremation, Dr. Kristin will wrap the pet in linen for transport.

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