Thank you again for taking such good care of my girl today. You have committed yourself to a very tough job, and I can see why. You are excellent at what you do! Your kindness, compassion, and gentle care in handling my difficult day certainly tells me how important that you have been to others. I just wanted you to know how much it was appreciated, and how important what you do was to me. N.


Dear Dr. Kristin –
I don’t even know how to adequately express our gratitude to you for helping to make Tyg’s passing so peaceful. From the moment you walked into our home and greeted us, it felt natural. Your compassion and patience during this difficult time put us at ease – with the process and with our decision. You are providing a very special gift to pet families and it is so appreciated. We miss little Tyg so much but find consolation knowing that her last hour with us was in the comfort of home and surrounded by love. With our sincere gratitude..T, J and Myg

ps…Myg is adjusting well. You could not have been more right about the importance of giving her the opportunity to say her goodbyes.


Hi Kristin,
I just wanted to thank you for helping us put Pedro at peace on Saturday. We are so grateful to you for allowing his passing to be so peaceful, painless and loving in our home. Though we are incredibly sad that he is gone, we are relieved that he does not have to suffer or be in pain any longer. You certainly have a way about you that made this painful experience more special for us. Best Regards, Kelly and Jon (Minneapolis, May 2017)


Hi Dr Lindquist,
I have wanted to send you a note to thank you so very much for your care, patience and calm with the passing of our beloved Riley. Thank you for the card and your card with your email on it. We sure miss him, but it is so much easier knowing that he passed with all the love we could give him. You are a very sweet, caring person who has found your true calling. Again, thank you from our entire family for your assistance. Take care and God bless, R.B.


My baby boy told me it was time to go on Thursday and you were there for us on Friday. I knew from the day he came to me that I would never put him in a carrier and take him away from his comfy Cuddle Duds bed, and so was grateful to have found you through my veterinarian. The time we had together before you arrived was precious, and to be able to continue to be with him as long as I wanted was priceless. You took the time to get to know me and Sam too. He was not even afraid when you scratched his ears and rubbed his chin – his favorite things. Your compassion, kindness and gentle touch eased us both through what could have been a scary process. It takes a special person to do what you do. Your love of animals is obvious and deeply appreciated. I can’t thank you enough for being there for us and with us. Sincerely, N.


Dear Kristin:

Yesterday was the hardest day in our lives and you made it so peaceful for us. Dexter was the most human like dog I have ever known. He was caring, compassionate, giving, and kind-hearted. Losing him has left a hole in our hearts, but thanks to you his passing was so peaceful. In our hearts we knew we did the right thing. Your knowledge and your compassionate care of him touched our hearts. He left this world for a better place with dignity and love. Our two female GSD were involved in his passing which I think was so good for them. Dexter was surrounded with love as he entered heaven. May God continue to bless you for all the kindness and love you give to his creatures. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely; P., M., Greta and Gabby


We just received Joey’s ashes and paw print and I just wanted to thank you. It was such a sad day and you put us at ease with your kindness, gentleness and unhurried manner. Having Great Danes, their size always seems to be an obstacle when doing anything medically, but Joey went so peacefully. Even carrying him to the car was ok because you had everything needed. Thank you for making a hard day a bit easier. D.L.


I would like to take a moment to send you and your assistant my gratitude for helping me with Dakota’s passing last evening. Even though there were copious amounts of tears and deep sorrow you both were able to make me laugh and even smile at just the needed moments. I am so glad I made the choice for a home passing and chose you to help me. I am quite positive had I gone the traditional route I would not have had the beautiful moment after Kota received the sedative where he relaxed, laid his head back, stretched out his legs and gave a big sigh that seemed to say “ahhh…thank you”. I could not have asked for a more cherished last moment with such a sweet dog. Please continue offering your service for as long as you possible can. It must be difficult to go through that with pet owners so often, but you have a gift that must surely have its rewards. You have my deepest thanks. K.K.


Thank you so much for helping Percy pass over so peacefully. I had been dreading this decision and he got worse so quickly it was such a relief to let him be at home and comfortable. You made one of the worst days of life so much better. I really can’t thank you enough for your care and compassion. It can’t be an easy job but I am so grateful you do it. N.G. from South Saint Paul


Hi Kristin,
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your, and your assistant’s, talents and compassion for Westie’s transition. Thanks a bunch, I’ll refer my friends to you also when the need arises. B.H.


Dr. Kristin,
Thank you so much for making Bruizer’s passing such a peaceful experience. My family and I truly appreciate your compassion not only with Bruizer but with us. Thank you, K.


Dr. Lindquist,
Thank you for your kind and gentle treatment of our Scout as she left us. It was such a difficult time, but you helped us through it with your patient, professional, and thoughtful manner. Sincerely, L & M Plymouth, MN


How can I thank you for the way you made my sweet Bear so comfortable and at ease for his passing on to the Rainbow Bridge…

Not only did you make my dog calm and comfortable you made the family feel that way too. I know you were the answer to my prayer and I thank with all my heart. Sincerely, C.C.


Dr. Kristin
I wanted to send a note to thank you for your time last night as you drive back out of Elk River to help us with a very difficult time. You made the passing of our beloved buddy Oakly more tolerable, and you were so kind to Oakly and M. & I. You are so good at this I hope others will be able to utilize your expertise. We miss Oakly dearly, but we know he is not suffering anymore and able to be free to cause mischief and run & play as he wants.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! M, K & L


Hi Kristin.

M. and I wanted to thank you for helping to make Owen’s passing as gentle and as peaceful as possible. You are amazing at what you do and offer a tremendous service. We were so grateful to be able to say goodbye to our dear kitty at home in his favorite place and surrounded by love. I can’t thank you enough for making the hardest decision just a bit easier. Warmest regards, B & M


I just wanted to drop a note quick to say thank you for making one of the hardest decisions of my life bearable. I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful passing for Gunnar, she hasn’t wagged her tail in a couple weeks and to have her do that when she was on her way out meant the world to me…kind of like she was saying, “I’m doing OK now”…I’m forever grateful for you and Jessica’s help. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. P & P


I’ve been meaning to drop a note to tell you how much we appreciated you coming out to make our saying goodbye to Zorro so much easier. G. and I got Zorro in 1998 shortly after we got married and go our first house, and 4 years before we had kids. He and Guinness were our children and became playmates to our girls and friends and companions to all of us over the last 16 years. Having just experienced putting Guinness down in the vet’s office, I can’t tell you how much more comforting it was with Zorro and with you at our house. It didn’t feel rushed and I didn’t feel stunned with how quickly it went. You were so compassionate and clearly have a gift for what you do. Coming into strangers homes to put their pets to sleep I’m sure is a bit awkward, but instead of feeling awkward, it felt as though you were ours and Zorro’s friend. D. I.


Dear Dr. Kristin Lindquist,

We want to tell you how much we appreciate your expertise. You are the best at what you do. I give your service an A Plus. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family. We cannot thank you enough. I’m so glad I found you on the internet. Thank you for putting my husband at ease. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The G. Family


Dear Kristin,

M. here, I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to North Oaks last night, and helping us with Alta. You were wonderful with Alta and her Family (C. and me included).  Alta was so loved by us all.  She passed so peacefully.This is a really good thing that you do.
From all of our hearts thank you, M. H., the Aunt



Dr. Kristin,

Thank you very much for making the drive out to help us.  Monty deserved only the very best and you met all of our expectations.  Not only did you provide Monty a gentle and painless passing, you were very kind with our other dog ensuring  he was ok.  You have a very special gift and I thank you for sharing it with us.




I wanted to email and say thank you for making this unbearable thing a little easier.  I appreciate you coming and helping us get through this.  You are so sweet and kind. I have to share a story.  When I came home last evening there was a deer in the back yard.  She was sniffing around Coke’s grave and eating leaves and grass.  It was a bit tranquil to see her just enjoying the newly turned soil and a snack.  She stayed for quite some time.  Now, if Coke were here, she would have been barking like crazy, but it was still a very nice scene.

God Bless you for all you do.  You are a blessing.  Take Care.
Sincerely, K.M. & family



Hi Kristin,

I received Jessie’s ashes yesterday.  Thank you so much for helping her cross to the rainbow bridge so peacefully.  You made her feel so comfortable that she had no idea what was happening.  No doubt about it at home euthanasia is the complete way to go.  I was so nervous as to how it would go and how it would be for Jessie.  Not only did you help Jessie feel more comfortable, you also helped me.  I miss my Jessie incredibly but I found peace that she had a peaceful ending and was loved until the last second.
Thank you, D.R.



Kristin, I once again want to thank you for helping us with the passing of our pets. You make our family feel comfortable knowing we can be ourselves and grieve in whatever manner we need to at such a difficult time, out of the public eye, knowing that you possess the knowledge and professionalism to help our pets pass with dignity. I cannot thank you enough for helping us.
With Gratitude, M.S.



Dr. Kristin,

J., B. and I would like to thank you for your kind, compassionate services.  It has to be difficult to see so much grief from day to day.  It was incredible that Jasper was able to have a peaceful transition without the unsettling trip to the Vet office.   Thanks for taking the time to listen to us, explain, and to be able to come on short notice.  You made a difficult decision easier for all of us.



Hi Kristin,

Just want to thank you again for everything you did for us last night.  It wouldn’t have been as tolerable without you!
A. H.



Hi Kristin,

Just wanted to say thank you one last time for your compassionate and professional services.  Although sad, it was a peaceful passing, just what we wanted to give her.  Thank you for helping us let her go. Best of luck, and when our friends and family find themselves in need of euthanasia services for their pets we will gladly refer them to PPP.
Thanks,  A. and M.



Dear Kristin,

We can’t thank you enough for driving all the way out to our home on Thanksgiving night.  Sabrina needed your assistance and I am glad she didn’t have to wait any longer.  She was ready.  Your kindness and sincere compassion was deeply appreciated by J. and myself.  I am so thankful we euthanized Sabrina at home.  She had a peaceful passing.
Sincerely, K. & J.



Dr. Kristin-

Our heartfelt thanks for the care you gave ‘Kirby’ and us in making his passing peaceful and perfect.  We are extremely happy that we found you!  And though it was most difficult and we miss ‘Kirby” dearly, we know it was best for him.  You made it more bearable.  Thanks again!
Blessing to you, B. & B.



Dear Dr. Kristin

Thank you so much for the empathy you showed our family in taking care of my brother’s beloved dog, Grizzly.  We all loved Griz, as you could tell when you talked to me on the phone. I truly appreciated your kindness in fitting us in, with no advance notice into your schedule.  Your compassion and professionalism are truly remarkable.



I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did yesterday and how well you treated Magnum and made a very difficult situation bearable. He is back with all his buddies again.
Again, thank you for your kindness. L. & S.



Thank you so much for your respectful and gentle ways with our dear friend Shadow. We appreciated how lovingly you handled this extremely difficult situation with us.



Dr. Kristin, Thanks to you for coming to our home last Wednesday. Raven always stressed out over going on car rides and visits to the vet’s office. Being able to spend her final evening relaxing in the comfort of our family room under your gentle care provided a serene closing to a long, well-lived life.
Thank you for your compassion and professionalism. S. & Family



Dear Dr. Lindquist, Your kindness and loving care for Chang Li is greatfully appreciated by me and my family. You showed so much compassion ~ I’ll never forget. Chang is indeed missed.
Thank you, J.



Dr. Lindquist,    Thank you for taking such good care of me!  You were so nice to visit and made everything easier for me.  “Max” I found a great vet who made a very difficult time a bit easier.  Thank you for all your time and compassion during Max’s last months.  It meant a lot.  When I get another dog, you will be the vet of choice.

Thank you, D.



Kristin, I found throughout this trying time your compassion and caring to be amazing and comforting. Kristin, you are indeed a remarkable person and I am so grateful you were there for my precious bug and me. Thank you for taking such good care of us and being there as a friend to both of us calmly helping to end our struggle. Know that when I find my next special friend, we will come see you.
My sincerest gratitude, S.



Recently our dog Puffy became very ill and subsequently had to be put to rest. Our treating Vet was Dr. Lindquist and she was truly professional and compassionate at all times. Dr. Lindquist took the time over several visits to explain our dog’s problems and comfort us about his condition. Dr. Lindquist even went out of her way knowing we only needed a crate for a short period to get her brother’s crate for us. Unfortunately we never did need it. My wife and myself would like to thank Dr. Lindquist for her care and professional service. If we were ever to get another animal she would be our Dr. of choice.
Thanks again Dr. Lindquist. W. and S.