Private pet passing

A pet’s life begins with love and awe and so it should end with compassion and grace.

In your own Home

a very special service for beloved pets

Welcome to Private Pet Passing.  Dr. Kristin and her veterinary technician offer special, in-home services for beloved pets in their golden years.

Dr. Kristin Lindquist founded her in-home euthanasia service which uses online scheduling, Private Pet Passing, in 2011 to provide beloved pets with a peaceful passing at home.  As was the decision for her own pets when it was time, saying goodbye at home can make the unbearable a bit more bearable as this is where our pets are most comfortable.

Dr. Kristin is now offering helpful Quality of Life Consults and Senior or Mature Pet Visits in the comfort and privacy of one’s home.  Bringing veterinary care to the home makes it easier to help our pets with chronic medical conditions and/or mobility issues get the necessary comfort care with the ultimate goal of maintaining the best quality of life possible.

Our Services

In-Home Euthanasia in Minnesota
By Dr. Kristin

In-Home Euthanasia in Minnesota

Since 2011, Dr. Kristin has been providing in-home euthanasia and mature pet care with online scheduling for residents of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro and greater suburban area. Learn more about our special service of in-home euthanasia including what to expect during the visit.
Making the Decision
By Dr. Kristin

Making the Decision

It is always difficult to accept that age or illness have compromised your pet’s quality of life to such an extent that it’s time to let them go. When the difficult decision to let your pet go must be made, Private Pet Passing helps ease your pet’s suffering and allows you to honor and share their final moments with family in a peaceful surrounding at home without fear or pain.

Why Choose Us?

In-Home Comfort

We bring compassionate pet care to the comfort of your home, allowing your beloved pets to experience peace and love in familiar surroundings during their golden years.

Experienced and Caring Team

Led by Dr. Kristin Lindquist, our team is dedicated to providing specialized in-home euthanasia services since 2011. With a wealth of experience and genuine care, we understand the unique needs of senior and mature pets.

Personalized Support

From Quality of Life Consults to Senior Pet Visits, we offer personalized support, addressing your pet's individual needs. Our goal is to enhance their quality of life, ensuring every moment is filled with comfort and compassion.